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In hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the world, it’s critical to connect the right patients to the right care at the right time. The requirements and complexity of care environment need to be precisely positioned when matching patients to records, drugs, specimens, etc. There is no room for error at all.

Healthcare technology solutions help to connect medical providers to patients records, caregivers to colleagues, and patients to practitioners, to guarantee that they can get better care and better treatment. Bar Codes are always used to improve the effeciency of operations and procedures, as well as many important departments in the associated industry, such as automated reception, record keeping, report maintenance, patients reports, equipment inspections, and fast & accurate management of data.

For example, patient wrist-band is a key identification in healthcare organizations. It builds a strong link between the patient and Hospital Information System, which retains all of the patient’s detailed information. You can use a HPRT scanner to scan the barcode on the wwris-band to link the doctor or nurse directly to the system. Then the patient’s status, current treatment period, medication schedule, recovery schedule, clinical test data, etc, would all be reviewed immediately. The process is becoming a key component of most hospital operations.

HPRT also has thermal direct printer to print wrist-band in healthcare facility. 

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