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From the front desk, to the kitchen, drive your hospitality business with industry leaders’ high-performance technology solutions.

The hospitality solutions are being used to build lasting customer relationships and benefit the business.

Whether your guests are dining at a fast food restaurant or staying with your family at a resort/hotel, you can offer a convenient, personalized experience for your guests. Restaurants and hotels need to adopt the latest technology solutions to meet changing consumers preferences and growing demand.

Our receipt printers deliver reliable, fast results while remaining compact and cost-effective.

For example, HPRT intelligent pos printers (TP808i) enables guest reservations and orders directly from any smartphone or web-enabled device to the host and kitchen for immediate processing.

And others 80mm printers, like TP805/TP806/TP801 have all metal stent mechanism except plastic cover, metal stent can enhance print head heat dissipation, in order to extend print head’s lifetime and realize high speed printing.

HPRT’s double cutter technology solves the cutter problem fundamentally. The unique cutter jam, paper jam detection and self power-off function prevent damage on printer when accident occurs. KP806PLUS is applicable for restaurant & kitchen industry, they can provide users superior quiality printing service with fast printing dan easy maintenance.

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