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In today’s world, the demands for transportation and logistics companies are higher than before. Tracking products throughout the whole distribution process is critical to controlling costs, managing inventory, and ensuring fast and reliable delivery of goods.

Bar Coding is one of the most effective ways to manage products while they are move along the supply chain, because they can store serial numbers, lot numbers, processing information, and any other information that you will require.

These solutions would print clear and consistent facility labels as required. No need to use handwritten, which often difficult to read.

In the warehouse, from receiving to picking, upgrading and loading, you can be flexible, optimized, compliant and connected to make influential decisions based on real-time operational intelligence.

Nowadays, in our most common logistics’ applicaitons, goods to be shipped will be properly marked with the shipping labels of origin and destination stations displayed on the bar codes. Shipper ID and Receiver ID also need to be shown. Text information of names and address are incorporated to help for visual inspection or identification purposes.

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