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Whether you are managing ticketing services, concert halls, sports venues or any other regular events, barcode technology can be used for your specific business applications. For example, you can track ticket sales and admissions by barcoding your tickets. These types of barcodes can also be used for airline tickets, clothing tags, ID cards, tray tags, and more.

HPRT ODM-made a boarding pass and baggage tag printer with RFID for American Delta Airline who is first airline to mass commercialize the RFID bag tag in the world, now thousands of our barcode printer were used in more than 80 airports crossed the USA. Everyone can imagine that airlines and airports have zero quality tolerance, and they are happy with our quality & performance. By now, HPRT is actively approaching United Airline and American Airlines.

On the other hand, our current world, is really increasingly fast-paced, it would be a boost in sales for any mobile products. One of the newly developed mobile applications is to create barcodes for mobile ticketing. By using this technology, customers will no longer need to queue up to buy their tickets for their favorite activities, such as movies, concerts or sporting events. They can buy tickets for these events on mobile devices, as well as trains, buses or airline tickets, on a mobile device and simply present an image with a barcode when they arrive. 

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